Sushi Anyone?

Just who is Callista?

Contrary to my appearance I am a devout geek and nerd.  I love all things Sci-Fi & horror; my favorite pastime is playing games, both video and tabletop (D&D is my favorite).  I also build and paint models, watch movies and love Cosplay.  And of course, my puppy.

I do run my own site here and have from the start; if you ever contact me rest assured that it will be me you talk with.  I'm very outgoing and love interacting with different people and meeting new people too, thankfully my site allows me to do this often.  Sci-fi, fantasy, anime and horror are my favorite themes for movies, games or any other kind of entertainment I enjoy.  But of course I mostly enjoy sex, blowjobs, and more sex!

And Deadpool.  I love Deadpool.

Photos, Photos, and more Photos!

Inside my site I have over 90,000 photos of me being very naughty, dressed and undressed, and sometimes just being plain silly. ;)

My Latest Updates

Here are some of my most recent updates inside my members only area...

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