November 13 Callista 0

I FINALLY got to do my Leeloo cosplay set plus there is a matching video to this. ENNJOY! 😀 See the full set and matching […]

Happy Halloween!

November 1 Callista 0

A lil late on posting samples from this week’s but HAPPY HALLOWEEN ALL!!! Hope everyone had a fun and as naughty Halloween as me. And […]


October 25 Callista 0

Don’t call me Zelda bitches 😛 See the full set at  Callistamodel.com


October 8 Callista 0

Thank you J3Scribe for the terrific Boba Fett Shirt! One of my new FAVORITES!!! ? See the full set at  Callistamodel.com

Selfies V

October 7 Callista 0

Since you guys seem to love my naughty as well as day to day selfies here is more 😀 See the full set at  Callistamodel.com

My Old Office

October 4 Callista 0

Took a set in what use to be my old office but due to the floor caving in and such just kinda turned it into […]

Help Me Out :)

September 29 Callista 0

Ok doods if anyone(s) is will to help me out get this complete outfit I am willing to make a trade so hit me up […]

Comfort Who

September 2 Callista 0

Finally went back blonde! and a lil short cause of dying my hair too much but I think you guess don’t mind shorter hair with […]

Aw Crepe!

September 1 Callista 0

I was a lil happy faced in this set if you can’t tell 😀 See the full set at  Callistamodel.com

Lady Joker

July 25 Callista 0

All I need is batgirl to have some fun with. Any volunteer’s? See the full set at  Callistamodel.com