Excessive Pink

December 5 Callista 0

Today’s update might show a lot of pink. Check out more of my naughtiness here  CallistaModel.com

Xmas Card From ME!

November 25 Callista 0

It’s that time of year again where I am getting ready to send out my naughty Christmas cards with a special exclusive photo inside! So […]

Wall Change

November 4 Callista 0

Alright guys I have had my green wall for toooooo long and it is time for a chance and I figured let you guys vote […]

Wonder Woman Calli

October 25 Callista 0

Big thanks to Kakarot for the sexy blue leggings! Check out my site, it’s exclusively the ONLY place you can get all my naughty photos […]

Calli Krueger

October 24 Callista 0

Happy Early Halloween all! This year I thought it would be fun to dress up at one of my all time favorite horror characters Freddy […]

Check Out My ASS!

September 30 Callista 0

Join my Butt Club through MFC or I have a few other options for those that can’t use MFC for weekly exclusive snaps, photos and […]

Callista Purple Drain

September 21 Callista 0

Today’s photo update live now at my site is shower naughtiness! Me, naked, wet and my black suck-ton cup dildo! Check out my site, it’s […]

Hotel Fund

September 2 Callista 0

Doing some package deals again for the public and for members to help me pay for a big hotel shoot! $5 (100tks) – Snapchat for […]

Tributes For SMOTU

August 28 Callista 0

Alright slaves I now have Square cash installed so time to start sending your Mistress tributes and spoil me! Username SMOTU