Freeones Redux

January 16 Callista 0

BIG ty SuperCJ for being such an awesome person and sending me this outfit!!! See the full set at


January 15 Callista 0

Had a great time with my buddy Kyle! Thanks for the stay, the booze and the ‘hands on’ treatment ? See the full set at

Never Wrong

January 11 Callista 0

Remember I got the pussy so I make the rules bitches and rule #1 I am never wrong 😉 See the full set at

Acid Ale

December 26 Callista 0

Big omg ty to J3scribe for the AWESOME Alien shirt 😀 See the full set and matching video at

Atari 66

December 24 Callista 0

Who’s ready for some geeky, retro fun? 😀 See the full set and matching video at

Christmas Card Time

December 5 Callista 0

Alright doods it is that time of year again when I will be doing this year’s Christmas card! If you would like this year’s Christmas […]

Maid Ready For Your Cock

December 5 Callista 0

Maid Callista here ready to tide up your room, polish your cock, break in your bed….. Check out more of my naughtiness here