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Callista Mae’s Wishlist

If there is something you would like to see me in for a photo shoot or just wanna send me something nice, then check out my wishlists!
When you purchase something all you have to do is email me by
Clicking Here
and tell me what you purchased or if you want to keep it a surprise just let me know something is on the way so I know to check my PO Box. 🙂
Once it arrives I’ll do a photo set and/or a sexy video with the outfit or naughty toy that you purchased and as a thank you note I will send you a 4 x 6 autograph photo of my choice or you can get 3 digital images sent to your email.
If you send an item I can’t wear, I will still send you a personal thank you note and you will receive a few digital images with the item.
When emailing you MUST include the following: Your address or email address you wish to receive your thank you note and a 4 x 6 autographed photo.

All items must be sent straight from the manufacturer!

Callista Mae
PO Box 8063
Joplin, MO 64802

If shipped by UPS or FedEx use the address below

Callista Mae
101 N. Main St
Joplin, MO 64801-9998

For those that would like to dictate how my toe nails are done, i.e. color, art etc please send either a 900tk tip through MFC with the tip note Nails! or a $50 giftrocket.com with the message nails and instructions on what color you would like to see on my toes 🙂

Also if you just want to help me out please feel more than free to send me a donation through my donation page, giftrocket or e-gift cards to Homedepot amazon or Lowes

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Amazon Wishlist

JT’s Stockroom

Eden’s Fantasy


Wicked Weasel


Victoria’s Secret GiftCard!

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